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PureFlow® Mineral Cleansing Filtered Shower Head

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  • Removes chlorine, fluoride, and other impurities
  • Enhances skin and hair health with mineral-enriched water
  • Offers rainfall, jetting, and massage modes
  • Includes balls that purify and enrich water with minerals and ions for therapeutic benefits
  • User-friendly design allows for easy installation, cleaning, and maintenance

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The Problems With Traditional Shower Heads

Low Pressure

Leads to an incomplete showering experience & lack up proper hygiene.

Zero Filtration

Lets chlorine, bacteria, iron, heavy metals to come in contact with your skin & hair.

Water Wastage

Leads to over 30% water wastage with every use, harming the environment.

Hard To Clean

Scaling & sedimentation leads to dirty water. Wasn’t a shower meant to clean?

The Future Of Shower Head Is Here

Introducing FineShowerJet™ PureFlow®

Chlorine, commonly used to disinfect water systems and eliminate bacteria like E. coli, can have negative effects on our bodies during showers. PureFlow® removes up to 97% of residual chlorine and heavy metals from water, offering a pure, refreshing shower. The PureFlow® Balls also boost diastolic pressure, oxygen levels, and reduce fatigue, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Purifies Water

Removes chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, lead, calcium, chemicals & harmful bacteria.

Hair & Skin Health

Enriches water with minerals to improve skin and hair health & appearance.

Easy Installation

The shower head connects to any standard hose or traditional wall mount in seconds
 and is ready to use.

High Durability

Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel build makes it strong, long-lasting 
& leak-proof.

In the United States, about 98% of households have chlorinated water, while over 85% contend with hard water.

The PureFlow® Mineral Cleansing showerhead removes up to 97% of residual chlorine and heavy metals, addressing potential skin and hair issues.

Increases water pressure by up to 200%

Reduces water waste by up to 30%.

The Technology Used in FineShowerJet™ PureFlow®

FineShowerJet™ PureFlow® isn’t just a showerhead – it’s a complete therapeutic experience! With mineral, anion, and energy balls, it generates over 582,000 anions per cc for various health benefits. Whether you want to boost wellness or unwind, it’s your go-to.

Mineral Balls

It removes residual chlorine, heavy metals, impurities, and bacteria from the water while providing antioxidant benefits, resulting in healthier-looking hair and skin.

Anion Balls

Enriches water with a variety of precious minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin, promoting elasticity.

Energy Balls

Adjusts the pH value of water to optimize it for high skin absorption, nourishing and hydrating your skin as you shower.

Beyond A Great Shower,
ion Therapy Health Benefits

FineShowerJet™ PureFlow® offers more than cleaning and refreshing – its Ion Therapy filters generate over 582,000 anions per cc for a wide range of therapeutic benefits!

  • Improves Hair Health
  • Hydrates & Smoothens Skin
  • Balanced pH Levels
  • Boosts Cell Vitality
  • Stimulates Metabolism
  • Promotes Cognition
  • Eliminates Fatigue

Get The Spa Experience In The Comfort Of Your Home

FineShowerJet™ PureFlow® enhances pH to improve hair and skin health, and its soothing water reduces stress and improves mood. It can help reduce hair loss, dry scalp, itchy skin, and dandruff for a truly rejuvenating shower experience.

3 Modes To Help You
Relax, Rejuvenate & Revitalize


Relax under the soothing rainfall setting and wash your stress away!


Rejuvenate your skin with a powerful burst of ionized water.


Revitalize your mind, body and soul with your in-home spa experience.

Easy Installation
No Need For A Plumber

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you already have a standard hose with your current showerhead, our FineShowerJet™ will screw directly on! All popular shower manufacturers use the same sized piping (G 1/2″ Thread).

We estimate that you will only need to replace the Germanium stones every 3-6 months based on how contaminated your water is.
Looking for refills? Click here.

The stones are our Ceramic and negative ion-activated Germanium stones😊 Our new mixture of Germanium stones will turn hard water into natural spring-like water. The new mixture of filtering stones is tested to decrease up to 97% of chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, limescale, calcium, sodium, chemicals, iron, lead & harmful bacteria.

Yes! The FineShowerJet™ has been shown to increase water pressure by up to 200%, even if you have really weak water pressure.

Customers are reporting that they saw a difference in just 2 – 3 showers using FineShowerJet™.
And now with the new eco-friendly shower head, you no longer need those toxic treatments that damage your skin and hair in the long run.

Not at all! Simply screwing off your old showerhead and screwing on ours.

Yes, you get a 21 Day Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident you will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of FineShowerJet™. You get a hassle free warranty.
We understand buying items online can be daunting. Our FineShowerJet™ is one of the most innovative products in the World. You can buy it with ZERO RISK. If there is a problem, no problem, we’ll make it right.

PureFlow® Customer Reviews

Customer reviews

Based on 834 reviews
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Tommy T.
Great shower head for couples!
I purchased a look-a-like from another company and it came from overseas area. It was poorly constructed and leaked. I purchased from this company and...More
I purchased a look-a-like from another company and it came from overseas area. It was poorly constructed and leaked. I purchased from this company and it was of better quality and construction. It works fantastic and I am truly impressed with it. Installation is easy. I am so pleased with it I purchased all three types of the shower head. My skin and hair feels better and it saves me on my water bill. I will buy from this company again if a product catches my eye.
Alan A.
Luxury at a low price
I was a little skeptical at first. . . . does look a little cheap. Super easy to install and really works well. My hair feels great. . . . think maybe...More
I was a little skeptical at first. . . . does look a little cheap. Super easy to install and really works well. My hair feels great. . . . think maybe i wasnt getting all the soaps out due to lower water pressure. We'll see how it holds up but so far so good.
Jorge J.
It's best quality shower
The water is really soft after installing this. The quality of product is really good. Great experience using this shower.
Delmar D.
Affordable easy update
It was easy to put on my existing shower head hose. It is light weight and really powerful. It feels amazing.
Zahrya Z.
Love it
Works great. Has good water pressure also love the different settings.
Kenneth K.
I’m in love with my new shower head takes my shower to a new level
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